Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Process

The above picture is the back of a scrap of material that I marked on to help with placement in making the Amish Star.  I only marked one because I wanted to make sure these marks were correct, or if there was anything I could do to make the instructions clearer.

The center part went down fine and lined up with the markings, as did the first round of the dark color.  The above picture shows the first point on the second round of the dark.  I first placed it in the wrong spot, AGAIN, and had to stop myself and change it before sewing.  I almost made the same mistake as what I did on the blue one.

This is as far as I got on it last night.  It was 9:45 and I was ready for bed, plus I didn't have any more squares cut for the points!  I am planning to draw full lines on the next one, not just hash marks.  That will really help me with placement, I think.

There are so many other projects I need to be working on instead of these.  But they got ahold of me and I just couldn't stop!  Kind of like those little wonky star blocks a while back!

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