Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Little Bit Closer

Went upstairs this morning and sewed a little on the potholder.  I had to dig out some batting scraps first.  I have plenty of batting downstairs by Gemma, but I wasn't going to run down there if I could find something upstairs.  And I did.  What I was really looking for was my stash of insulbrite, but didn't come across it right away and had to keep moving or I would have been late for work!

Anyway, I put two layers of batting and a backing on the star and went around the outer points and all around the edges.  The smallest diameter measurement is 8 1/2" so I'll cut it out in that size circle, then bind it.  I may add a little more quilting inside the star.

I just realized I will lose the 'star' on the backside once I cut the circle and put the binding on, so I'll have to outline the points inside somewhere.  Whatever works, this is jus the practice piece!  And I end up with a new potholder out of it.

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