Monday, November 16, 2015

Pink Log Cabin In Progress

After finishing the little owl quilt, I got right back to the frame and loaded up the pink log cabin.  I was able to quilt half of it over the weekend and feel pretty good about that.  Just doing a simple meander, but it looks nice.  This top was made years ago and I am finding that my borders are a little bit wavy.  Not stressing over it, just easing them in where needed and keep on going.

Weather is turning colder this week.  We are supposed to have rain for four days straight starting tonight.  That doesn't bother me as long as we don't get the wind with it.

We raked leaves yesterday for several hours and I'm paying for it today with allergies!  I'm also paying for the marathon quilting I did over the weekend with a sore wrist.  Going to take some medicine that should benefit both of those issues and hope for the best!

Thanksgiving is next week.  I was thinking of making a chocolate lava cake in the crock pot for dessert, so I thought I would test out the recipe yesterday to make sure we liked it.  It was good, but not exactly what I was expecting.  Not sure I will want to make it for the holiday or not.

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