Thursday, November 19, 2015

Two More

Yeah, I know I should be quilting, but these hats have interrupted things for a little bit.  I promise to get back to quilting asap.  In fact I wanted to go straight downstairs after work yesterday, but Johanna walked in right after I got home, then we went out to supper, so that shot my plans.

So instead I made these two hats!  The smaller one is for Johnathon and the larger one was originally for Ben but Johanna said he would not wear it.  I asked if she would and she said yes, so she got it!  Going to make Nick and Ev each one, but think it will be a different pattern.  Working on different things right now.

Since we didn't order pizza last night, I'm going to try my plan again.  The go straight downstairs part, at least!  haha.  Then order pizza when the quilt comes off the frame.

Tomorrow night I am going out to supper with my sister, so anything I do will be later.  Doubt I will work on any quilting tomorrow night.  As long as I get the binding on it over the weekend I will be happy.  Need to take it up to his mom over Thanksgiving.

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