Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Can't wait to sew

I get so anxious to get home and sew after a day at work.  There are so many projects I want to be working on.

Last night Ev and I went to the Mexican restaurant in Staunton for dinner. we hadn't been there for a while, because we really liked the one in Litchfield, but it closed.  On our way there we stopped to see if Olivia wanted to go with us.  She did, so the three of us went to dinner.  Then of course, since it was right next door, we stopped at Dairy Queen.  I had a cone that I only ate about half of.  We got Addy her first 'pup cup'.  It was so cute!  All it was was just a sundae cup filled half way with ice cream and two dog biscuits stuck in it.  She loved it!  Thought she was queen for the day, getting ice cream and biscuits!

Yes, we spoil that dog.

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