Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Loving it!

I am back in the groove, people!  Woohoo!  Worked on Johanna's wedding quilt for almost two hours.  I finished putting the sashing on the 8 new blocks, then pressed all the blocks.  Sewed them into 8 rows of 6 blocks.

Now they need to be pressed again.  But I have to say, I am not finding that to be quite the drudgery that I used to.  Don't know why, and don't care, just rolling with it... haha.

Here's what I completed last night.  Remember, there will be a row of sashing and cornerstones between each row of blocks, as well as borders.

I am super pleased with it.  This NYE mystery was my favorite so far.

Tonight there is a show on t.v. that I want to watch at 8, so if I go up and sew, it will have to be before that.

And in case you thought the air fryer was just a nine days' wonder, I used it last night to make Ev and I a steak to share and to warm up twice baked potatoes and some grilled peppers and onions.  We had that all for dinner, plus some garlic bread.  Pretty good eats for just a Monday night!  Ev might be getting a little bit spoiled... haha.

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