Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Relaxed, refresshed, and recharged!

That's how I feel!  Despite the ice storm warning, Mary and I decided to go ahead and make our trip to Bloomington.  The storm was supposed to hit my area in the afternoon, so I left early to get ahead of it.  Mary left at the same time and we met around 11 at the hotel.

Before I get into the details of our trip, I do want to say that the ice storm did not reach my hometown area until Saturday and then it was not bad at all.

When we got to the hotel, the desk clerk kindly let us check in early, which was great.  We set up our little sewing areas and got busy!

Mary sits to the side of the big table in the room, which we use to cut on.  I sit next to the couch.  Before we started sewing, we had to make a trip to the nearby Wal Mart.  She forgot to bring her table and I needed a different chair than the one the hotel provided.

Above is Mary's set up.  She brought her Featherweight (Olga).

This was my set up.  I brought my Featherweight (Grace), too!

This is the third time we have stayed at this hotel.  It is a really nice place to stay and has everything you need right there.  If we forgot anything (like a table or a chair!) there is a Wal Mart within a block of the hotel.  There is also an Aldi even closer, so we just went there before we settled in and got our snacks.

The room has a refrigerator and a microwave, so we were all set!

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