Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday hike through the trees

We made our annual trip to the Christmas tree farm today. This year it was darling son's turn to pick out the tree. Darling daughter had a few suggestions on which one to pick, but ultimately son won the race! That's part of dear hubby on the ground checking out where to start the cut on the tree! He and son cut the tree, then the tractor and hay wagon came around and took us back up to the barn to have the tree shook and baled. This is the last year this particular tree farm is going to be in business. It's sad for us because it holds many years of memories, and the people that run it are extremely nice. But their kids are out of college now and have moved away so they don't have the help they need, and they are getting older. I understand, but it's still sad.

I haven't done much sewing lately. Just haven't had time. Been doing a lot of cleaning and de-cluttering to get ready for Christmas. I need to get my lighted house display set up. This week I'll work on that. I kinda got sidetracked this weekend. Darling son decided he wanted the computer desk from the kitchen so I had to clean it all off. Our computer at home died, so I wanted the desk out of the kitchen anyway.

Maybe today I'll do some hand quilting on Tennessee August. It will be a good day to have the quilt over me, because it's cold!

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