Sunday, September 29, 2013

A few vacation pics

It's late and I'm getting ready for bed, but I will share a few pictures from our visit to the southern part of Illinois.  These first two pictures are from Cave In Rock State park along the Ohio River.  
 Here's Ev on the ferry between Illinois and Kentucky.  The river is really peaceful here.
 Lastly, here's me and Ivy after a walk through the woods and back to our cabin.
Had a real nice time and would do it again. 

Today I got into a cooking mood and I just went crazy.  Here's a list of things I prepared:

Meat Loaf - completely cooked and ready to eat.
Lasagna - assembled and in the freezer.
Italian Beef - cooked all day in the crock pot.
Pork Roast - cooked with sauerkraut and potatoes on top of the stove in dutch oven.
Clam Chowder - sauteed the onions and clams, ready to put in crock pot with rest of ingredients.
Salteesa Sausage - fried and ready to eat.
Green Bean Casserole - just because it sounded good!

Also have a pan of breakfast burritos in the freezer, along with a take and bake pizza from Aldi (if you haven't tried one of these yet, you are missing out!)

I figure I won't have to cook the whole week, and should be able to get lots of sewing done!  I worked on Briget's birthday quilt today.  Got all the squares sewn into rows and started sewing the rows together.  Shouldn't take long to finish and get on the frame.

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