Monday, September 23, 2013

Live music times two

Here's part one of the live music:

 My Great Uncle Ray playing his accordion today in his kitchen!  Brought back memories of his dad, my Great Grandpa, and when he used to play.  He's very good at the accordion and it was a pleasure to listen to him.
Ev and I, plus our neighbor took a motorcycle ride to a small town about half an hour away.  We were going to a bar/cafe and going to have dinner.  When we got there, the sign on the door said that they did not take debit cards.  I thought our bank had a branch in this town and looked down the road and saw it a few blocks down.  I hoofed it down there to use the atm, and saw this big cow on the top of a building.  Thought it was a neat thing to take a pic of and share.  I know, it doesn't take much to amuse me...
When we got to the little bar/cafe we were pleasantly surprised because they had a bunch of tables set up outside and had a live band.  It was just three guys playing guitar and singing, but they were pretty good.  So that was my second time hearing live music today!
And here's my sweetie, wearing his new Harley jacket for the first time this season!  He didn't think he was going to need it, but was sure glad he had it once we got to riding.  You can tell Summer has dwindled away.  It's not cold yet, but when the sun is getting ready to go down, it's a bit nippy.

Haven't done much in the way of sewing since Friday night when I finished the Four Patch Plaid for Mom.  I'm just relaxing and enjoying vacation.  I do think I am going to order a couple of charm packs or layer cakes to make one of the birthday quilts.

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