Monday, April 28, 2014

More Paducah Pics

Remember all those blocks I was making to swap with Mary in Paducah?  Well, she was as busy and I was and made just as many blocks.  Here's what they all look like put together:

I was tickled to get the blocks she made and really like the happy scrappiness of the way it looks!

All the sashings for the rows are sewn onto the blocks and I'm now sewing the blocks into rows.  Then will put sashing and cornerstones between the rows of blocks.  My cornerstones are going to be all purple.  Mary is making her's all scrappy.

This quilt will be a nice remembrance of our trip.  Next year we will have to do it again.  Hopefully there will be more than just two of us doing it!  (You know who you are, ladies....)

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