Thursday, April 10, 2014


Yesterday at lunch time I went out to Johanna's.  While looking at where she wanted to plant flowers, I realized she had several nut trees on the property.  When I was young, we had a couple black walnut trees and Mammy and Grandpa would spend the evenings picking nuts out of the shells.  Those black walnuts made the absolutely best cookies. 

I asked Johanna to pick the nuts up for me so I could pick them and use them.  There are black walnut trees and hickory nut trees!  I'm so excited.

When I was little, Grandpa would take me out into the woods with him to pick up hickory nuts.  One time we were in the woods where a farmer let his cows be at.  I remember this big ol' cow came lumbering up to us and I was so scared I climbed a tree!  I think it was the sheer size of the animal that frightened me, because it was really a docile creature.  Probably used to seeing people only when it got fed, so it expected a treat from us!

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