Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Off and on

Last night I took the tee shirt quilt off the frame, as well as a couple samples of quilting for my friends quilt.  Today I showed her the samples when she brought her top to me and let her decide what she wanted me to do.  Tonight I would like to get the binding done on the tee shirt quilt so it will be finished and then I will be ready to load the other quilt on to Gemma.  I am liking this a lot! 

We have some pretty bad storms rolling in to our area tonight and tomorrow.  It's been raining and storming off and on all day today.  Even rained during the middle of the night.  The thunder and lightening woke me up.  I guess Ivy was a little spooked because she was all pressed up against Ev and I!

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horsnaround said...

I finished sewing the binding tonight, will give it to you tomorrow! I'm getting very excited to see it all put together!! So happy you are doing this for me. :)