Thursday, February 25, 2016

Magic Number Is 55

55 more days until Paducah!  WooHoo!

It's funny how we latch onto things/events that are coming up.  I know it's always nice for me to have something to look forward to.  Maybe it just is a mental thing, but knowing something fun and different is coming up makes it a little easier to get through the everyday stuff.

Really need to get the Baby Blue quilt finished.  If it's not too cold in the basement tonight, I may go down and quilt it when I get home from work.  Tonight would be a good night to do that, since I have supper made already and don't have to cook when I get home.  Tomorrow I have plans to go out to dinner.  One of the local restaurants serves 'catfish curls' on Friday nights and they are really good.  Going to head over there tomorrow night with a friend and get an order.

1 comment:

Lynley said...

what on earth are catfish curls? just what they sound like or is it code for something else?