Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Stealing Time

This morning before work I went upstairs to put a couple things away.  While I was up there, I stole a couple of minutes and sewed two seams together for one of the blocks in the baby quilt.  It had been on my mind that the strip sets I made would leave me one block short, so I fixed that issue this morning.  The pull to stay in my sewing chair and play was strong, but I had to go to work.  Have to make money to buy fabric, you know!  haha.

I also was scanning my daughter's old room trying to decide how I could use it to store some of my stash.  When I moved fabric stash into it a few years ago, she ended up moving home for a little bit, so I'm kind of worried if I move it in there, one of the kids might have to move home!  Not that I would mind them being home, I just know that's not what they want.

I'm also thinking about this 301 that is on it's way.  I am really hoping it doesn't need too much help to get sewing again.  If it fits in the cabinet the 401 is in, I'll be set.  But if not, I may go ahead with my DIY fix and cut into that table we bought a couple years ago with the intention of making a sewing cabinet out of it.

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