Thursday, February 25, 2016

Snow Day

Yesterday morning we woke up to a mess of snow and ice on the roads.  Our office closed, so I had a nice day at home.

I started off by cooking some chicken in the pressure cooker to use for another dish.  I planned on making chicken cacciatore later after Ev went to work, but once he saw the cooked chicken he convinced me to make it early so he could take some to work for his dinner.  Once that was made, I figured why not whip up a batch of cookies.  So I made those Chicago Crispies with raisins instead of chocolate chips (again, per Ev's request).  After that, I thought I might as well cook a pot of beef stew, just to have some variety.

After all that cooking and baking, I ended up in the sewing room for a while.  Made two wonky star blocks for the Paducah swap.  Those blocks are so much fun to make.  Lots of variety in them to keep things interesting.

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