Tuesday, March 29, 2016

An Hour Or So Of Sewing

Monday nights are typically not for sewing.  I'm usually too wiped out from work on the first day of the week.  Last night, however, I actually felt like doing some sewing, so I went upstairs and worked for a little over an hour on another Amish Folded Star potholder.  I had a difficult time making these when I tried to do them a few months ago, but I was determined to try again.  Suprisingly enough, they went a lot easier this time.  It finally clicked in my head the way the math was working.  Will wonders never cease?  hahaha

Johanna is fighting a bout of pneumonia and a double ear infection right now.  Poor kid just works herself into being sick sometimes, and this time it really caught up with her.  Doc put her on some strong antibiotics and ordered her to rest this week.  I sure hope she listens to him!

Nicholas has a second interview for a job tomorrow.  We all have our fingers crossed and are saying prayers he gets it.  From what he has gathered, there are quite a few people being interviewed also.  

All prayers and thoughts appreciated!  Thanks!

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