Friday, March 4, 2016

Using My Old Serger

This is my old serger.  I rarely use it, but it is nice to have.  It was new somewhere in the late 80's I think.  It still runs like a charm.  I would probably use it a bit more if it were not a three spool.  It doesn't have that extra line of straight stitching to hold pieces together.  The main purpose of this machine is to put an overlock stitch on a hem.  Which it does quite nicely.  It has the cutting blade to trim fabric as you go, too.

What I'm using it for now is to finish the edges on the corn toss bags.  They will take quite a beating and need to have plenty of reinforced edges.

The bags finish at 6" square, so I have cut strips of 6-1/2" canvas and am serging one edge.  Then I cut the canvas into squares and leave the opening to fill them on the serged edge.  Once I sew the other three edges, I serge them together and turn the bags right side out to be filled.

The red bags are waiting to be filled and the black, brown, and blue are ready to be sewn.

If I start using the serger more, such as for these projects, I think I may rearrange my sewing room.  The Bernina (that I never fell in love with) probably has not been used in years.  I may stash it under a table.  May replace it with the serger.  Still want to get that custom table made to put the 301 in.  Or, I could put the 301 in the table the Kenmore shown in the above picture is in.  Not in any hurry to do anything right now.  Maybe after Paducah I will get it all together... hahaha.

Ordered some quilty goodies online today.  I love getting packages in the mail.

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