Monday, March 21, 2016

Oh My

I feel like I have been remiss in my duties!  (always wanted to use that word in a sentence... haha).  In my last post a new blog reader commented how she liked that I posted daily and here I skip a few days because I went out of town!  Argh!  Sorry, new and old readers alike.  I went to visit my mom over the weekend - actually made it a three day weekend by taking Friday off.  All is well there, and we are back home and plugging right along.

As far as quilting goes, the backing that was purchased for a baby quilt I made recently is not big enough.  Sigh.  So I am adding some fabric that was mellowing out in my stash to either side of the purchased piece and calling it good.  I don't think the baby will mind.

When I went to visit Mom, I also planned a trip to see Mary for a few minutes.  I decided that since I have the Singer 301, I really don't need the 401.  The 401 is in good shape, except it will need a new foot pedal.  The 301 and 401 take the same foot pedal and the one the 301 came with was not usable.  I gave it to Mary, along with the 401, just in case she knows someone who can rewire it, but if not, she can purchase a replacement online.

Another good thing is that I also gave her the cabinet that goes with the 401, so I now have more room in my sewing room!

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