Tuesday, March 1, 2016

More Wonky Stars

While making the wonky star blocks for our swap is very fun, it was a bit time consuming because I would reach into the scrap tub, pick out a piece, cut it to how it would fit best, then sew it onto the foundation square.  I have cut the time in half by going through a bunch of scraps and cutting them to the approximate size needed and putting them in a basket next to the machine.  There's enough variety that I don't have to even look, I just grab and sew.

The blocks do force me to press in stages.  I have to press after each scrap is sewn, then again when the rows are sewn and finally when rows are sewn together.  They do look nice when done!

I also have 8 squares of red canvas ready to be made into bags for the corn toss game.  Ordered red, black, brown and blue canvas for two full sets of bags.  I'm thinking that I might get out the serger and serge the edges, just to give them a little more strength.  They do take a beating.

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