Monday, March 7, 2016

Delivered Order

Sunday afternoon I was able to deliver the two sets of bags for the corn toss game to the customer.  Since they will get a lot of use (the tavern has a league one night a week), the owner ordered another two pair for sometime in July!  I'm tickled at getting that order.

He also said he would put up a sign with my phone number and that I make bags for the corn toss game.  Hey, every little bit of business helps.  I'm happy about that.

What I should do is make up several sets, and not fill them yet, just to have on hand.  Then when people order them, they will be just about all ready.

Made homemade pizza yesterday for supper.  Ev didn't want me to cook tonight since we have a lot of leftovers.  I am going to make some lentil soup that I had planned on.  Promised Nick I would bring him some tomorrow.

1 comment:

Lynley said...

awesome! filling a market niche! remember us all when you hit the big time :)