Monday, May 2, 2016

Busy Weekend

So last weekend Nick moved into a house on the edge of town.  It's a cute little house, with woods behind it.  I hope he will have a lot of good memories made there.

Ev and I decided to get him and Olivia a used washer and dryer a friend of mine was selling very, very reasonably.  That took up a good chunk of the weekend, picking it up, going to the hardware store, hooking them up...  But it will be worth it not to have to do his laundry anymore!  hahaha

Didn't really sew much, other than those two sets of bags.  I finished them and took them right up to the tavern that ordered them, and got paid.

Today I put more of my little flyers out, advertising the bag sets and my phone number.  Hopefully it will bring in a little more business.  Every little bit helps!

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