Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Honey, You Don't Have To Cook Tonight

When the hubby says that to me, I'm a happy gal!  We had lunch together, and our son even joined us, and when we were leaving the ol' hubster says not to bother cooking.  He's going to eat leftover meat loaf.  Who am I to argue?  hahahaha

Did some sewing last night.  I added a couple more rows to the Paducah 2016 top.  Think I'm going to add at least two borders to it to make it a bit large.  Ev's always complaining there isn't enough over hang on the sides of the bed.  He just wants to stretch the limits of my longarm frame!

I also played with the bobbin winder a bit more.  It does not easily wind all of the bobbins I want it to, but last night, after some fiddling around, I decided it did a good job on the bobbins that I use most, so I'll keep it.

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