Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sewing Table Finished

Ta-da!  My new sewing table is complete.  Finally got the nerve to cut the hole in the table, which was the biggest thing for me to do - can't un-cut it once it's done!  The opening for Clarice isn't perfect, but it is good enough for me.  There's a little bit of space behind the machine, about a half inch opening, that I'm not please about.  I may get a piece of wood and cut it to size to fit snugly in that space.  I don't want any of my piece work falling down there and getting lost.  Although it might not be a big deal.  Will have to just sew on it and see if things fall back there or not.

The actual construction of the sewing table was not that difficult.  If you remember, I purchased the table at a thrift store a couple years ago.  My intent was to put a 301 in it and at the time I bought the table, I still hadn't bought Clarice.

There are supports and a shelf underneath to hold up the machine.  I found the directions online - just Google d.i.y. sewing table and you should find them.  One good thing, I didn't have to take the actual table top off and install adjustable bolts.  The size of the supports, plus the table top, was the correct depth for the machine to sit flush, so I just attached the shelf directly to the supports!  Works for me!  If I decide to use this for a different machine I can always change it up.  Not a big deal.

Now I really need to clean my sewing room and rearrange it.  There isn't any room for this in there right now!

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