Thursday, May 19, 2016

Moooo-ve It!

During my lunch break today I took a ride out to my daughter's.  These cows are just the other side of the fence next to her driveway.  I think I could just have sat outside all afternoon and watched them graze.

We took a little ride down to the lake, where they have a camping lot.  It was so peaceful there, too.

The sewing that I did last night was to make 2 more sets of corn toss game bags.  I got an order yesterday for two sets, to be done by Friday.  So last night I got right to it and sewed the bags together.  They were all ready to be filled and sewn shut.  That's what I intend to get finished tonight.

We are going to Arthur this weekend, so the money from the sale of the bags will come in handy!

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