Friday, October 4, 2013

A visit from THAT CAT

Oh, my, what have I done?  Nick is out of town until late next week and we are cat sitting.  Do you remember that black kitten, Lenore?  The one that used to chase my eyeballs during REM sleep?  Yes, that is the cat we are cat sitting for.  Nick called to see how she was doing and I whispered into the phone that I couldn't talk very loud because I was upstairs hiding from her at the time...  haha.

I really was upstairs when he called.  I cut a total of 13 yards of fabric into 2.5" strips.  Five yards each of different purples and different peach/oranges and three yards of different greens.  These are what I am taking with me tomorrow for the Playing with Jacks workshop with Bonnie Hunter.

Ev does not have to work, so I am really looking forward to checking out Peoria with him.  I'm also very glad that I won't have to drive by myself the two and a half hour one way trip.

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Lynley said...

That workshop sounds awesome! But the cat sounds mad...