Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Got it done

Thanks to a situation aggravating me to distraction, I had to go clear my head with some therapeutic sewing tonight.  I finished the butterfly top and it is ready to load on the longarm.  Tomorrow night and Halloween night there will be trick or treaters coming to the door, so I really can't work on any sewing in the basement or upstairs.  Hopefully Friday night I will get it loaded and this weekend get it quilted.  No promises, though.  Just going with the flow here.  And my aggravation has subsided, in case anyone was wondering. 

I also made a couple small Halloween bags for two little ghosties I know.  Added some fun things like colors and a coloring book to the bags.  Not much candy in them because I know they will get lots from going door to door.

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Lynley said...

There is NOTHING as good as therapeutic sewing. I think that's why I've made so many quilts - because people just keep on pissing me off :)