Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happy Thursday

Because it's almost Friday!  I had a good day today.  It is my birthday and everyone important remembered it.  Ev and I are going to celebrate on Saturday when we go to Peoria (if he doesn't have to work).  And if he does, we will celebrate Sunday.

Nick stopped by after lessons tonight and showed me how to download the old CBS Mystery Theater recordings from the internet to my ipod.  Hokey, I know, but I get a kick out of them. 

Got the cool batiks top and back loaded on Gemma last night.  Not sure if I'm going to load the batting and start quilting this weekend or not.  If I do, I have to do it all in one shot.  We are going to be cat-sitting for Nick's crazy cat while he is out of town and this beast does not respect the boundaries of the quilting space!  He will be returned to his owner mid next week, so I might just do some other sewing in the meantime.  Maybe my layer cakes will come from Missouri Star Quilt Company and I can put together that last top.

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Lynley said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a great day and enjoy your celebration on the weekend!!!!