Sunday, October 6, 2013

Good way to end a good weekend

I had a great time in Peoria at the workshop!  Will have a few pics from it to upload soon, but they are on my camera and right now I have pics from my phone to upload.  Today Ev and I went to a Fall Festival in nearby Bond County.  It's known around here as the Ripson Bridge Fest.  This was the first time we have gone to it and we really enjoyed it!

I took this picture to send to my son.  The fest has many unique craft booths.  This guy makes guitars out of cigar boxes!
Here is the sign by the bridge, noting it was made by the King Bridge Co. in Cleveland, Ohio.  The bridge is in the process of becoming a landmark, which I think is pretty cool.  
The wide and thick planks were rather uneven to walk over, but they made me wonder who and what has gone over the bride since the 1800's!

 A view from up on the bridge.  The band, which was pretty good, was playing old time tunes, kinda bluegrassy stuff.  The stage was a wagon/trailer.  To get to the fest from the parking area (which was a corn field) there were two tractors with wagons on the back servings as taxis!
A nice view of the bridge...
I did get a few little things for Christmas gifts.  Ev got a new sweatshirt.  I've discovered he's kind of like a little kid, if you get him a present right away when you get somewhere, he is happy....  I had to talk him into going to the fest, but once we got there he really enjoyed it!

Didn't do any sewing today.  I'm trying to clean the bottom of my machine, but I can't get the bottom plate off.  There are 5 screws and I have gotten 4 off.  Before we went to the fest I put a generous amount of oil on the screw, hoping it will penetrate the threads and allow me to remove it.  If not, I'll put the other 4 back and give up.

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