Thursday, October 23, 2014

6th top finished

This is the top for the 6th nursing home quilt.  I made the whirlpool blocks in all different scraps.  It might get a border yet, but not sure.  Will see how much time I have left when I'm done.

I also started making some spiderweb string blocks from Bonnie's website.  If they go quickly enough, that will be another top for the nursing homes.  If they don't seem to be going fast enough, I may just resort to a couple rail fence and 9 patch tops.  I only need three more.  Then I will have to quilt and bind them all.  Having fun with it, still!

Tomorrow I will go and pick up the old Singer at the antique shop!  Can't wait!  whee!

Saturday Marla, Mary, and I are meeting in Arthur for a fun day of shopping.  We each have to drive about two hours to get there, but it's so much fun when we are together, it makes the drive worth it.

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