Saturday, October 4, 2014


I was finally able to get upstairs and work on this block.
I know the colors aren't perfect, but these were from squares that were already cut.  Remember a while back when my friend's aunt passed away and she gave me a lot of her fabric?  Well, there was a shoebox full of squares already cut.  Now, they don't really match or anything, but that's okay.  I'm going to make a bunch of these blocks (called Whirlpool) from them for one of the nursing home quilts.  If they are too whacky looking when they are next to each other I will put sashing between them.

Ev and I worked on the floor in the dining room today.  We finished putting the laminate down and are going to put the trim on tomorrow.  It looks really really nice.  The bedroom floor is next but we both need a little break first.

Addy is getting to be quite a little sweetie.  She loves going for rides in the car or truck.  I will be glad when she is out of her biting stage, though!  Puppy teeth are sharp.

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Lynley said...

I think those colours look great together!