Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Yesterday after work was a bit busy for me.  I had a few stops to make before getting home, then walked the dog and made some spaghetti sauce for dinner.  After that, Nick came over and we visited and got his phone situation straightened out.

It was after 9 when Nick left and since there really wasn't anything on t.v. that I wanted to watch, I went upstairs and pressed those 16 whirlpool blocks.  I also laid them out in the order I want to sew them.  Part of me was thinking about sashing between them, but the other part, the lazy part, says they don't need it.  Probably going to listen to the lazy me....  haha

I really need to stay out of the little antique shop near my work.  Yesterday I stopped in on my lunch hour and discovered this beautiful 1953 Singer 15-91 in a cabinet.

The price is very reasonable.  I'm going to head over there again this morning and see how she sews.  If she sews good, I will most likely get her.  I really should wait until pay day, but who needs to eat, right?  haha.

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Andee said...

She is a beauty!