Monday, October 20, 2014

A root canal and a weekend later

Been a few days since I posted on the blog, but I had a good excuse, honest!  Friday morning I had a root canal done on one of my lower molars.  I will say, this was absolutely painless and anyone who is afraid to get one done because of the horror stories they have heard should really reconsider.  I've had them done before and they were relatively painless then also, but this one was the easiest ever.

Enough about my teeth.

Over the weekend Addy was allowed in the sewing room.  Sometimes she only lasted a few minutes because she drove me nuts.  One time she lasted a whole hour because we had worn her out and she just curled up under my sewing table and fell asleep.

Most of the times I took the attitude that "whatever keeps her happy" would be okay as long as it didn't hurt her.  Thus, I was picking up a lot of pieces of paper...

She cracked me up because every now and then she would realize where she was, get up and go downstairs and get a toy, and bring it up to play with.  This was fine, except that she would bring up the loudest squeaky toy she had and proceed to squeak for a very long time...  Oh well, it allowed me to sew, so I tuned it out.

And sew I did!  I got quite a few blocks made for the sixth nursing home quilt.  All 16 are done and need to be pressed and sewn into a top.  Here's some pics.

These blocks are all going in the same quilt and I'm starting to think they may need some white sashing in between them to tame them down a bit.

All in all, it was a nice weekend.

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Andee said...

Your blocks are looking good! I have had one root canal and though my tooth was infected and it was about a month of pain prior to the darn thing, the root canal itself was fine and immediately after I was pain free!