Monday, October 13, 2014

Meal Loaf Monday

Years ago, when I lived with my parents, I would make dinner for the family on Mondays.  It was usually meat loaf and we just called it "Meat Loaf Monday".  Today I was off work and decided to do some cooking.  Can you guess what I made?  Yup, meat loaf!  And mashed potatoes and gravy with green bean casserole.  Yum!

Have had some bad weather here today, including a tornado warning that sent us to the basement for a time.  All is well, thankfully.

I have more than half of the stacks of half square triangle blocks pressed open and ready for sewing into blocks.  Slow going, but I'll get there eventually. 


Andee said...

Meat loaf is always a favorite!

Mego said...

You crack me up. We had colder weather yesterday and I made...yep, MEAT LOAF with mashed potatoes and corn.