Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dangling by a string

Last night I was just vegetating on the couch, trying to keep the puppy amused, and decided to do something productive.  I put Addy outside and then went upstairs to sew for a bit.  I really only intended to be up there twenty minutes, but an hour later I was finishing up!

I made 7 more pieces for the spiderweb string blocks.  I also have all the 'kite' shapes cut out and ready to go.  Have to check Bonnie's website and see if she takes the paper off first or trims them first.  It's not rocket science and if I do it differently from her, it won't be a big deal.  Just wondering what method works best.

Made chicken alfredo last night for dinner.  Oh, it was so yummy!  Not sure what I will make tonight.  We have had meat loaf a lot lately, but I do like it and wouldn't mind having it again.  Will have to ask Ev what he would like.

I still don't have my car fixed.  This has been going on since mid August.  I have decided, after one long venting session with my mother, that I should stop being aggravated about it and just let them keep the car as long as they want.  I have a loaner to drive, which is actually a newer car than mine, so I'm really good. 

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