Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Yesterday at work we suddenly lost power.  There was a very loud noise and then it was black in the office.  I thought that all the computer and electricals in the server room fell off the wall.  Nope.  It was outside.  See the pole?  Snapped in two places.  The base and again about 12' from the top!  And just 10' from where I park my car!  That ditch is filled with water and the ground is wet.  Not a good mix.

Seems that a truck pulling farm implements that were pretty tall caught a wire going across the road and just yanked everything down.  The pole just south of this one also needed to be replaced because it was tilted quite a bit.

No lack of excitement around here!  haha.

So, without power at work, I had to go home.  And sew!  I finished a pass on the longarm and started another one.  I have the sashing and borders quilted on this pass, just need to quilt inside the blocks.  This row and one more then the quilt will come off the frame!  Wheeeee!

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denim&tulle said...

I got chills.......

Sorry, I couldn't help it. Everyone loves "Grease" right?

Nothing worse than farming equipment tearing down the power lines. We get it often. Unfortunately.

What a great score to be able to go home and sew instead though!!