Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Little Of This And That

Sewing was done on the Rt. 138 wall hanging.  I put an aqua colored binding on it, and then sewed down the bottom edge of the hanging sleeve and edges of the label by hand.  All done!

You can see the quilting pretty good in this picture.  Sorry for the bump in the bottom, I think the cat might be under there...  I used variagated thread and it kept breaking.  I know better, because I have had problems with that thread before, but thought I would be okay because it was a small piece.  Guess I thought wrong...  haha.

The hanging sleeve is the yellow material across the back.  I sewed the one edge to the edge of the quilt where it would also be caught by the binding.  The other three edges were turned under and finished, then the long edge was sewn by hand.  Some busy work while I was watching the Cubs play ball last night.  We won, in case you were wondering...  :)

And lastly, my little bitty label.  I put my full name and the year, just in case anyone turns it over and wants to order something similar for themselves.  Locals know where to find me, and out of towners can leave their name and number and I will call them.  Hope springs eternal, right?  haha.

All in all, I'm pleased with the way it turned out.  There are some bumps and burbles on it, but I'm okay with them.  It was a piece that was not commission, I just did it because I wanted to, and no money being paid for it.  All materials were on hand, so nothing new was purchased for it.

I kind of thought the backing material was appropriate for a cafe/grill - flames!

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