Monday, June 13, 2016

'During' Pictures

I took pics kind of going around in a circle. The doorway with the fan leads into the room where I have stored all the fabric.  I also put several of my machines in there along the wall.  The room can still, easily, be used as a bedroom.

The other door that is open is the stairs to the main section of the house.

This arrangement of furniture is pretty much the way it is going to be, with the possible exception of a small table or two being moved around.

The room just feels so much larger now!  And I have been using the airconditioning unit that is in the second room, with the fan, to make it tolerable.  Since there is no ductwork upstairs, the a/c from the main part of the house just doesn't make it up to the sewing room.  If I put the a/c window unit on and use that fan, it cools off pretty quickly.

I intend to clear off the clutter on the tables.  The cleaner I can get it, the more I will want to be in there!  haha.  Although I do work just fine in clutter, at least I won't feel like I should be cleaning rather than sewing.

There is a tote full of loose papers that needs to be sorted and organized.  Most of it is patterns.  It will get done eventually, but at least stuff is all together.

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