Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I Was Just Going To Cut Squares

I was just going to go upstairs, cut enough 10" squares for one nursing home quilt, and quit.  Well, the magic aura that is in my sewing room hypnotized me and I ended up not only cutting the squares, but cutting the sashing strips for in between the rows, and sewing the sashing and squares all into rows!

These are the finished rows before I pressed them.  It was too hot to stay upstairs any length of time without air conditioning, which is what I would have had to do if I wanted to press them last night.  This morning before work I went up and pressed them.  And sewed the sashing strips for in between the rows together.  I almost started sewing them to the rows, but I looked at the time and figured if I started I wouldn't want to stop and would be really late for work!

The fabrics are just out of my stash.  Not sure where the light blue floral came from, but the dark blue was a double wide backing remnant from a quilt I made a while back.  The pink sashing was also stash fabric of an unknown orgin.  It has little bees on it.

Not that the fabrics have to make sense, but I reasoned they could go together because the flowers attracted the bees and the blue was sky or water.

If I get upstairs tonight, and that's a big if since the temps outside are supposed to reach 100 degrees today - that window air conditioner can only help so much - I should be able to finish one top.  My goal is to have three tops finished by the end of July, so this will be a good start.  At this rate, I may have all five tops done by then!

I supposed I could bring the work downstairs and finish the quilt on Polly.  That may be what I do tonight.

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