Thursday, June 2, 2016

Casseroles and Sewing

This was dinner last night.  It's a casserole that I adapted a recipe from one of the blogs I read.  It was on Patchwork Times a few days ago.

The bottom layer is shredded hash browns, then sauteed onions and green peppers, with a few jalapeno's sprinkled in.  Then some browned sausage.  Lastly eggs, cheese and green onions.

It was pretty good eats!

Are you tired of this picture yet?  haha.  It really is different from the last pics.  Yesterday I did a zig zag stitch in black thread around the outsides of all the letters.  No, I did not stitch the insides.  IF this is ever washed and they come loose, the owner can call me and I will stitch them down.  They are fused on there pretty good, though.

I think I will just do a simple vine and flower for the quilting.

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