Thursday, June 9, 2016

Rust Remover

The rust remover product was purchased at a farm store in the automotive department.  I think the name had 'blaster' in it, but not sure.  Anyway, I put the old bobbin case in a paper cup and sprayed it with the product, enough to soak it.  It seems to have taken off some of the rust, but there are a few places that still need some work.

I wanted to use mineral spirits on the presser bar and needle bar to get the gunk off, however I could not get the lid off the can of mineral spirits!  I used a bit of the rust remover on a q-tip and it helped get some of it off, but I need that can of mineral spirits opened!

I left the can on the kitchen table with a small jar and lid.  I'm hoping when Ev gets up he will open it for me and pour some in the jar.

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