Tuesday, June 7, 2016

More Cleaning And New Bobbin Case

Having a good portion of the sewing room cleaned has inspired me to keep getting rid of clutter in there.  I have almost all the clutter off of the tables on the one side and all of the fabric that was piled up there put in it's proper bin.  This is a huge deal and I'm glad it's done.

While sewing on the wall hanging, I wanted to change the bobbin color.  The bobbin case in Clarice (301) is the same as in Olga (Featherweight).  While at the show in Paducah, I purchased a new bobbin case for $50 - yes, $50! - because the bobbins in both Clarice and Olga are functional, but rusty in spots.  I had been warned that the newer bobbin cases don't always work properly in the old machines, so I was a bit leery, however I purchased it anyway.

When I first put it in the machine it and tried to stitch, the thread just turned into a nest.  Ugh.  I kept at it, though, and finally got it seated correctly and sewing a pretty stitch!  I'm pleased with it.

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