Friday, September 2, 2016

A Good Find

Stopped in at the Goodwill store today because I heard there was a sewing machine there that I might be interested in.  Well, the machine was a bust, nothing I wanted, however I did find this:

I have been wanting a little luggage trolly for a while now.  They are so handy when going to retreats or Paducah.

This one was in sad shape.  Lots of surface rust on the chrome.

I spent some time with a steel wool pad working on it and have gotten it to this point:

Most of the rust is gone, except in the corners and curves where it was difficult to reach.  I am pleased with the way it looks and if that's all I can do with it, cosmetically, I am okay with that.  It will serve it's purpose.

It did come with a long bungee cord, but it was pretty stretched out, so I think I will replace it.

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