Thursday, September 29, 2016


I might have mentioned it already, but my darling husband, who was on second shift for 13 plus years, is now on day shift.  This is wonderful and I love it!  He is home when I get home from work (he starts earlier than I do and is closer).  I hated going home to an empty house every single night.

Of course, this change also means he is home during the time when I used to sew a lot.  These first couple of weeks we have just been settling into a routine.  I haven't done much sewing, however that is going to change as the weather cools and we are inside more.

Last night was 'pizza night' at Tilley's, so we went up and had dinner there.  The special is two 12" pizzas, any toppings, for $12.99.  Pretty good deal.  The pizza is good, too.  Not spectacular, but good enough that we will go back.

He is supposed to work this Saturday, so that will give me quite a bit of time to get some sewing done.  Hoping to get downstairs and work on Gemma.  I miss her.... lol

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