Sunday, November 3, 2013

A good day yesterday and today

Yesterday I was down in Fairview Heights and passed by this statue in front of an animal hospital.  A live dog was sniffing around it, but I just had to get a quick picture out of my car window.  This just made me smile!

Something else that made me smile was getting this quilt loaded and started quilting it.
I got about one turn done on it today.  Doing the Baptist Fans for the quilting.  It's a little sloppier than I would like, but it's not a show quilt, so the mistakes are okay.

I remembered seeing online somewhere that someone made a 'sling' for the batting to be in under the longarm when a quilt is loaded.  It was made out of a shower curtain cut in half longways and sewn together at the ends.   Then it was hung from the table and the batting rested in it and not on the floor.  I made one and am pleased with the results.

It is hung by bungee cords and I made the back hang a little lower than the front.  It's like a large open envelope for the batting.

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Claudia said...

do you do your quilting free-hand ?. I dabble a little with machine quilting on my mid-arm machine.
Love seeing your quilts...please show it again when you are done with the quilting.