Friday, November 8, 2013

Before work play

I was up about half an hour earlier than normal, because Ivy had it in her head that there was something outside she had to investigate immediately.  When I went to let her back in the house I wanted to go get a picture of the quilt on Gemma for the blog.  Well, I was down there and had a half hour, so I figured why not sew?  So I sewed!

Again, please keep in mind that this is not my best work.  I just want this quilt done.  But it's not really that bad, I'm just my own worse critic sometimes!  I got it almost all the way finished when I ran out of bobbin thread!  It will take about five more minutes and it will be ready to come off the frame.  Hope to get that done tonight before I go out with friends, but if not, for sure tomorrow. 

Have a three day weekend and would like to get a few of the nursing home quilts quilted.

On another note, I have become a bit obsessed with acquiring new sheets!  Yesterday I was in Wal Mart and texted this pic to Ev asking which flannel sheet set he preferred:

He picked the dark plaid, so that's what I bought.  I kind of liked the wilderness scene, but not so much that I would get both sets right now.  We already have one set of flannel sheets and really like them!  Since this bed isn't heated like the waterbed was, I can put flannel sheets on and we don't get too warm!

Happy Friday everyone!

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