Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Mom thing

That's what I have been doing - the Mom thing.  Darling daughter tells me she has to get her wisdom teeth out.  She tells me this at the end of last year.  Now, she is an adult (at least she keeps telling me she is, with all of her 23 years of wisdom) so I give her information about who to call and all that good stuff and tell her it would be a good idea to get it done over Spring Break.  Hmm.  Spring Break comes, Spring Break goes, and she still has wisdom teeth.  Then I gently suggest she get it done over the Summer Break from college.  Summer comes, Summer goes, but the wisdom teeth remain.  Now, I tell this lovely young woman the facts are this - dental coverage from Dad's plan ends when you graduate college - in December.  Get the appointments made and get it done.  Hmmmm. 

What do you suppose happens over the past couple days?  The wisdom teeth flair up and she is in pain.  So now it's a scramble to get an appointment before the end of the year so she will be covered by insurance (do you know it's around $500 a tooth for an extraction without insurance?  yikes!).  Her extractions are scheduled for December 30th.  Cutting it close?  Yes.  Am I happy it's the day before New Year's Eve and she won't be able to party?  Take a guess...

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