Sunday, January 5, 2014

Quite a bit of snow!

First, I just want to thank everyone who reads my blog, including those that post comments. Please know that  I read every comment and enjoy everyone's different opinions and comments!  Thank you very much!

Now for a few pics of my yard:

The top pic is of the steps to our pool and deck.  There is a set of four steps on a platform that is one step high.  The snow has drifted so the platform and the bottom two steps are covered.

Ignore the dirty floor please - the second picture is of what I saw when I opened my back door.  The drift is about 10" on the edges.  Usually the door area doesn't have any snow in front of it because it is sheltered by the walls and a large awning.  Those are doggy prints going outside - I stayed in!

And while I stayed in, here's what I was working on:

These are the string blocks for Roll Roll Cotton Boll.  I have all the blocks done now and need to set them in rows and put the borders on.

Our office is closed tomorrow because of the weather (loads of snow and frigid temps!).  Maybe I will get more done tomorrow.

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