Monday, February 24, 2014

Meet the newest member of the herd...

Here's my five dollar rummage sale find!  I'm pretty pleased with this addition to my collection.  She's probably a Singer Clone, badged Famous Barr.  The case is a little stained but in otherwise good condition.  There is a knob missing on the lower dial, but it's not too big a deal.  She sews a beautiful stitch.  I opened her up and inside are all metal gears!  Yup, I'm pleased.

I also picked up three more ceramic houses for my village.  You can see them on the table behind the machine to the right.  One is a house, another is a church and the third is a smaller church.  They will be welcome additions to my collection and I look forward to putting them out next season.

I finished the two birds in the air blocks for my swap with Mary in April.  Not sure what pattern I'm going to make next, but I think I'll do the block in different greens this time.  Having a lot of fun with this!

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