Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Enjoying What I'm Doing

I am really starting to enjoy what I'm doing on the quilting of this one!  It's all kind of free style.  I just do whatever I feel like doing in the blocks.  No pressure.
I did some feathers (not very good ones, but that's okay too) in the strips around the squares of this block.  The one on the right got a bit thread heavy.  Then in the squares I just did a meandering line with some echoing around it.
Same here.  Just some feathers and a goofy line with echoes.
I was really pleased with the way the micro stippling looked in this block.  I did it in the center and in the yellow corners.  Tossing around getting a different foot for Gemma and maybe some micro handles.  Just a thought.

I'm using up a bunch of miscellaneous bobbins on this quilt.  The pattern on the backing fabric is so busy, you really don't notice!  The only thing I have noticed is that one of the colors seems to just lay there, not really go into the fabric.  If this continues, I'll just avoid that one thread color.


Mary Frazier said...

You are doing a beautiful job and making the squares I made even more beautiful!

Mary Frazier said...

Wait that sounds vain lol. What I meant was I really like what you've done to my squares. :)

bunbear said...

Your squares were beautiful before I ever did anything to them! I was amazed when we exchanged them last year at how nice they were. You had hardly been sewing for any time at all and really put together some nice patterns.